Excalibur Online Slot Overview for Internet Players

Time to go back a bit in history and then take a jump into the realms of fantasy to a period where knights in suits of armor battle mages and wizards and damsels in distress wait around every corner to be rescued by their very own prince charming. That is the tone with this Excalibur online slot game which quite directly transports players to an Arthurian era of magic and a fair degree of unbridled mayhem. Visually this slot game from NetEnt displays itself well, meaning that on screen players will find quite a few involving symbols, features and effects. All in all this slot experience shows a fair degree of promise.

Moving passed the fantastical theme portrayed on the reels of this Excalibur slot game players will come across the reels and gameplay involved of which there are 5 spinning columns in this slot experience and upon which resides 3 rows of symbols and a set of 20 adjustable pay lines. Beyond this and now moving into the setup of this slot game players will find there are a good medley of various betting options including the adjustable lines that allows for a range of players some form of gaming action with this slot. On top of this the Excalibur slot game has some bonuses, themed for the most part, and a few features therein.

Looking at the Popular Fantasy Theme Involved

The theme of Arthur and his merry band of knights is a really popular fantasy tale and reflects well onto the screen in many forms. In terms of online slots, this theme also holds a certain familiarity, with several games including similar if slightly different themes. In this Excalibur slot game the interface and screen come across relatively well, without being overly flashy or ostentatious in any regard. On top of this the graphics of this NetEnt game are tailored to support this style of theme, so again not really overbearing. Additional themed features include the reels, their bordering and of course the symbols on said reels. Once completed these reels look quite inviting, especially set in this atmosphere.

The symbols themselves really deserve their own paragraph since they contribute so much to any online slot game experience. In this Excalibur slot game these symbols comprise largely of the fairly intuitive characters and aspects of the theme involved. Players will find knights on horseback, witches and wizards as well as prince and princess. Whether these actually relate to the characters from the Arthurian tales is largely up to the players to decide.

Fighting for Some Slot Bonus Features

Like in some video slots at https://canadacasinoonline.org/mac, the bonuses included in this Excalibur slot game from NetEnt are pretty much just the basics, involving two types of Wilds and a free spins feature. The Wilds in this slot can switch for other game symbol sans the bonus free spins symbol which makes winning a little easier. The two Wilds differ in that one awards a 2 times multiplier while the other awards double that. The free spins feature also includes a multiplier, of 3 times, as well as a chance at up to 30 free spins.