eSports betting’s rapid growth in popularity

eSports betting is one of the newest and hottest additions to Australia’s online sports betting industry and is rapidly growing to be one of the most popular betting options around. This phenomenon is all about video game tournaments which are a huge hit amongst people of all ages. Betting is however an activity with an age limit but that has not stopped eSports from having a massive following.

The video game tournaments involved in eSports betting are played at a competitive level and the players who participate in the video game tournaments win huge amounts of money which is much the same for the potential amounts won by eSports bettors.

What Makes eSports Betting So Popular

Many Australian bettors are fans of video gaming which is an added bonus for those now able to bet on major video game tournaments. All of the top video games are played and tournaments take place very often which means there are many betting opportunities at all times.

All sorts of bettors from beginners to experts who are not big video game players can still enjoy their favourite past time and bet on this wonderful phenomenon that comes with many betting options and the potential for huge wins.

The eSports betting market in Australia is a great betting market that bettors will find more and more at the top online betting sites for Australian bettors. The types of bets available for NZ online betting are quite similar to those of other sporting events where different aspects of the tournaments can be bet on and each bet has its own set of odds.

Unique bets like props and exotic bets are also available in eSports betting and include such things as which of the players will get first blood, which of them will win five rounds first and which player will be the first to get ten kills. Bets can also be placed on the winning player of a round or the entire tournament and whether a player will by more or less than a specified number of points.

As technology advances and becomes increasingly innovative, so do video games. Much like online casino games have improved tremendously over the years, video games offer a virtual world full of fantastic features, graphics, animations and more. Gaming has reached tremendous heights and now that betting is an option too, spectators have a lot more to be excited about.

The Future of eSports Betting

There are estimated to be more than a million spectators around the world watching eSports and a very large portion of them are in Australia. The future of eSports betting is only going to get better as it has shown itself to be a true phenomenon.

The numbers of eSports bettors are increasing and online sports betting sites offering eSports betting are experiencing great results. Betting on eSports at safe sites is a must as it is with any other sort of online betting. Luckily, Australians have access to many trusted online sports betting sites that provide an all-round fantastic eSports betting experience that is just getting better and better.