A Glance at Doing Betting with Free Bets

Betting with Free Bets

The sports betting market on the internet is highly competitive and as such online bookmakers are always clamouring to sign up new punters. The new punter is the bread and butter of any online sportsbook open to Kiwis, as the more customers they have on their books the better. In order to entice new punters to create accounts, online sportsbooks will offer a wide range of cash sign up bonuses, initial depositing matching bonuses, as well as promotions and rewards for regular customers.

All online sportsbooks will offer Free Bets in one form or another, but before taking up the cash, make sure that you are only considering top-ranked online sportsbooks that really do offer great deals.

Different Variations of Free Bets

As previously stated, all online sportsbooks will offer Free Bets in one form or another to entice new punters in New Zealand to create an account. These offers take a few different forms, and it’s important to be able to distinguish between them in order to ensure that you’re getting the best deal. Take a look at the details of a few Free Bets below.

Cash Sign Up Bonus: this bonus will take the form of a cash deposit straight into your online sportsbook bankroll that you will be able use on any chosen wagers.

Deposit Matching Bonus: this is a popular choice, and sees the online sportsbook match your first deposit up to a certain limit.

Match specific cash bonuses: some online sportsbooks will offer cash bonuses that can be used on certain matches only. These are not as popular, but it’s good to know this option is available.

Terms and Conditions of Free Bets

The Terms & Conditions of Free Bets

Although many punters will likely be drawn to accepting high value Free Bets, it’s important to look at the bigger picture, as higher value offers tend to require a bigger first bet to be placed. For example, if you decide to take up an offer for a cash sign up bonus of $100, this may require you to place a wager with fixed odds of 2.00 or more in order to increase the risk to the punter, and decrease the chances of the online sportsbook losing any money.

It’s of utmost importance that punters making sports wagers like rugby bets read all the terms and conditions attached to any type of Free Bets offered throughout their online sports betting career, as some nasty requirements can be hidden in the fine print. Who reads terms and conditions? In this case, you do! Make sure you understand all the terms and conditions in order to not get caught unawares, and if you’re unsure on any points ask customer service for assistance.

Finding the Most Lucrative Free Bets

If you’re looking to find the best Free Bets on offer, comparison sites need to become your new best friend. The service that comparison sites offer to punters in New Zealand is invaluable as online sportsbooks are judged on a high standard and judged accordingly.

Sites are judged by the range of betting markets and wagers on offer, customer service efficiency, banking options and payout waiting times, bonuses, and the safety and security of punter information. Online bookmakers that are not worth your energy will also be detailed, and punter testimonials will also assist punters in making the final decision.