What To Wear To A Casino

If you haven’t been to a brick and mortar casino before but are keen to try it out, you may be a little unsure how to dress. Not every casino has a dress code, but it’s a good idea to find out if the one you are going to has one and take that as your guide of how to dress for the casino.

Most casinos expect you to dress fairly smartly, but that doesn’t mean a three piece suit. Don’t let it stress you too much, but you’ll have more fun anyway if you’re dressed up. Dress codes should get you in the mood, not make you want to stay home and enjoy https://canadianslotsonline.org/real-money/ slots instead! Read on for some good tips for appropriate and stylish casino attire.

Different Casinos Are Different

There are many different kinds of casinos which will expect different levels of formality in casino attire. At the higher end casinos, formal clothing is a must. If the casino is little more than a roadside bar with some slot and video poker machines, expectations will be very different.

Dress Codes

When deciding what to wear to a casino, check that casino’s dress code. Familiarise yourself with the requirements of the different dress codes, as the more formal ones can be very specific. The most formal is White Tie. You are unlikely to need to wear this at a casino, unless invited to a private event. If going to a high-end casino, you may be asked to wear Black Tie. Semiformal (which is often simply called Formal) and Business Fasual are good to wear for a night at a smart casino. If there is no dress code but the casino is fairly swanky, go with one of these. Business casual is a very common dress code. It doesn’t hurt to play it safe and wear a tie for this, even though it is optional. If the dress code is Casual, don’t misinterpret this – there are still things it is unacceptable to wear. As a rool of thumb, when deciding how to dress for the casino, go for the more formal end of the level of dress code, without sacrificing comfort.


Wearing comfortable casino attire is important. Of course, this may be difficult if the dress code is highly formal, but don’t wear things that don’t fit well or are very uncomfortable. If the dress code is casual, you have more leeway. Keep an extra layer with you for if you get cold. But remember, you are in a closed environment with many different people, so make sure you and your clothes are clean.

What Not To Wear

Even if a casino dress code is casual, there are still items you should never wear. Stay away from any kind of open shoes, T-shirts with slogans, and military garments. In addition, always keep your casino attire appropriate.

Have Fun

Don’t feel intimidated by casino dress codes – formal wear is a chance to dress up and feel like a million bucks for a night. Most casino dress codes do not require formal wear, but after 6 pm the nice clothes start coming out. When thinking about what to wear to a casino, you need to balance comfort and style. You’ll likely be wearing those clothes for a while, but you want to look your best to bring out that winners mentality. Whether it’s glitz and glam, elegant sophistication, dress-up at a Vegas casino, or just nice casual clothes, put some thoughts into how to dress for the casino you are going to.