Throwing a Casino Themed Wedding

For many couples their wedding is the most important day of their lives and there are many couples who are looking for something different and a casino themed wedding is something unique and completely different.  A wedding day should be a memorable occasion and what better way to celebrate. Here are a few tips for throwing a fun, yet elegant casino themed wedding.

The Dress Code

It is important that the tone for the casino themed wedding is set by letting the guests know ahead of time what sort of wedding it is going to be.  A good place to start is with the invitations and the dress code for the wedding.  Try not to go overboard with typical casino colours like red and black, rather go with something elegant such as black and gold possibly.  Let the guests know that the wedding will be formal, black tie.  Everybody enjoys getting dressed up every now and again especially for special occasions like weddings, and those who can afford to splash out on trendy bib and tucker.

The Food

Vegas style cuisine is a must for the casino themed wedding and Las Vegas is known for their fantastic buffets and including a buffet is a must to keep the theme of the wedding.  Vegas buffets consist of finger foods and snacks such as meatballs, hot wings, chips and salsa, shrimp skewers, ribs and the very popular Caesars salad.  When it comes to dessert the wedding cake is always the main attraction, but in keeping with the Vegas theme possibly have a fruit spread or cheesecake for the guests to enjoy while they wait for the cake cutting ceremony.  Wedding cakes are always the star of the wedding and with a casino theme there are so many options.  Most couples go for the traditional tiered wedding cake that could be done using Vegas or casino ideas and cupcakes are also a great alternative to the traditional cake.  There are many imaginative cake bakers out there who are able to design and bake almost anything these days.

The Entertainment

A casino themed wedding would not be complete without casino games.  Couples may decide to hire casino games for their big day such as poker tables or even a few slots.  Roulette is always an exciting and popular casino game and this is another option for a casino themed wedding.  If playing for real money is not an option to consider couples can opt for using fake chips or monopoly money.  There can also be another section where guests can play casino games online if they so choose such as popular poker games like Texas Hold ‘em or  Some guests may not enjoy casino games so arcade games are an option for them.

Another important part of a wedding is the music and hiring a DJ to play casino themed songs from popular casino movies is a great way to complete the day.  A photo booth can be placed in a certain section where guests can have their photos taken with the happy couple.

Even though it is a casino wedding, it is still a wedding and guests will hopefully not get too caught up in the casino games and forget that it is a special day.  The couple should stop their guests at intervals and make toasts or have their photos taken.  A casino themed wedding is a fun and original way to enjoy a special day.