South Park Reel Chaos Slots Review

South Park Reel Chaos Slots Review

Based on the popular, long running TV series South Park, South Park Reel Chaos features Cartman, Kyle, Kenny and Stan.  These 4 super heroes fight against Professor Chaos in this online video slot with 20 fixed paylines and 5 reels.  South Park Reel Chaos has bonus spins, multipliers, stacked wilds, multiplying re-spins, overlay wilds and substituting wild symbols.

Players can click on the paytable or information button to view the South Park Reel Chaos symbols and information on the mini features and bonus game.

Substituting Wilds

Wild symbols will appear on the reels during the main game and during the mini features.  The wild symbol will substitute for all of the other symbols to create winning combinations.  The wild symbol will not substitute for the bonus symbols and will not appear when the epic bonus spins round is activated.

Mini Bonus Features

One of the mini features of South Park Reel Chaos is Cartman’s stacked wilds.  During this round Cartman attempts to catch General Disarray and in the process of climbing up or down the reels he creates stacked wild symbols.  This mini feature is randomly activated during the main game.

The next mini feature is Kenny’s multiplier.  During this feature Kenny and Captain Chaos ensue in a fight and players will be rewarded with multipliers of times 3, 4 or 5.

Stan’s multiplying re-spin is randomly triggered during the main game after a non-winning spin.  A re-spin is triggered on all of the reels and this round will end when there is a winning spin.  For each re-spin players will be rewarded with a multiplier ranging from times 2 to times 10.

During Kyle’s overlay wilds Kyle must rid the reels of the evil minions, who belong to Professor Chaos and 3 to 5 overlay wilds will appear on the reels.

South Park Reel Chaos Online Slots Icons

Mintberry Crunch Epic Bonus

The mintberry crunch epic bonus spins round is activated during the main game when 3 bonus symbols appear on reel 1, 3 and 5.  Mintberry Crunch will fight against 4 of the enemies, evil minions, General Disarray, Professor Chaos and Anime Professor Chaos.  If there is a winning spin the enemy is weakened, but if there are no winning spins Mintberry will be weakened.

This South Park Reel Chaos bonus round will continue until 2 of the enemies have been defeated.  When they are defeated they would have lost 6 points on the health meter.  As Mintberry defeats the enemies he will go up a level and confront the next enemy.  Each level will reward players with a multiplier of between times 1 and times 4.  If Mintberry is successful in defeating all of the enemies players will receive a victory bonus.

How to Bet

South Park Reel Chaos slots game has 10 bet levels and is played using 6 coin values and it is very necessary for players to know like gamblers who were curious to understand which pokies were open during Corona Virus.  The bet level will be the amount of coins chosen and the coin value is the value of a coin.  The bet level is multiplied by the coin value which will give the total amount bet for each spin.

South Park Reel Chaos has many bonus features on offer which will keep players entertained. The varied betting options will appeal to players of all levels.