Entertainment Betting Guide for Punters Online

Many punters do not even realise that there are such things as entertainment bets.  Entertainment bets will include anything to do with celebrities, reality TV shows, movies, politics and so much more.  Nowadays Australians can place a wager on almost anything and these include wagers on politics, award ceremonies and anything to do with celebrities and their lives and punters can even place a wager on the weather.

There are many sites where Australian punters can place entertainment bets and these can be found under specials or entertainment at various online sites.  Entertainment bets are constantly changing so punters will always find something to bet on.  There will be bets on popular TV shows which are current at the time and bets on upcoming political elections or any other newsworthy item at the time.

Reality Shows

Reality TV shows are always popular and many people watch these.  Popular reality TV shows include Big Brother, X Factor, The Voice, The Apprentice, Survivor and much more.  Reality TV shows draw big crowds and everyone has their own predictions as to who will win or be kicked out.  Betting real money on these could result in a big payout.

Award Ceremonies

Music and TV awards always attract much attention and punters will find a host of different bets.  Most sports betting sites will offer entertainment bets on anything that pertains to any of these award ceremonies which include the Oscars, MTV Awards or the Grammy’s.

The X Factor and other reality shows are popular entertainment bets and the most common entertainment bet here is betting on the overall winner of the show.  Most online betting sites will offer more types of bets as the show goes on.  These sites will post the odds of the various bets

and these will change as the competition progresses and the favourite may change from week to week as contestants up their game.  The X Factor has 4 different categories and a popular bet offered is which category the winner will come from so instead of betting on an overall winner punters can rather bet on a category to win.

Political Betting

Politics is always a popular bet especially when there are political elections.  US and UK elections are usually the most popular and punters can place bets on which political parties will gain or lose influence.  The Royal Family is always is in the news and there are usually a range of bets such as when Prince Harry will get married or the gender of the next royal baby.  Punters can even place bets on the outcome of major court cases or policy debates.  Anything that has to do with politics in some way can be bet on.  Political bets are usually futures bets and often take a long time to be finalised so punters should be aware of this and not use too much of their bankroll on these types of bets.

Entertainment betting appeals to a wider range of the population and with bets being placed online this type of betting is on the increase.  The internet is an excellent resource for information on anything entertainment related and punters can use these resources to place a well-informed bet.