Burdekin Cup or Growers Day in Detail for Horse Racing Bettors

Australians love their horse races, whether they attend them at the racetrack or watch them on television. There are many extremely famous and well known horse races that are run in Australia, among them the celebrated Melbourne Cup. There are however, also many more minor events that take part in the smaller towns, but that still provide lots of excitement, and the thrill of placing a bet on the outcome. These towns are usually connected to the Racing Clubs of the various states, and hold their own horse racing competitions. These functions are often an important event in the social scenes of these towns, and as such are attended by a large number of people.

History of the Burdekin Growers

The last staging of the races on the Burdekin Cup/ Growers Day recorded a crowd of over four thousand people, and offered fifty thousand dollars in prizes. Fashion was also one of the important considerations of the spectators,and everyone agreed that north Queensland had rarely seen such a smart gathering. The Burdekin Race Club puts on the Burdekin Growers Race Day every May, in the district of Home Hill. The main race of the day is the Burdekin Cup.

The lifeblood of the Home Hill district of the lower Burdekin is sugar farming and milling. It follos the establishment of the farms by land ballots min 1911. There were business owners who came and builkt a town, and the first fifty years were spent by the tough, hard working people who made the farms profitable. The fertile lower Burdekin delta has been the major producer of sugar in the whole of Queensland since the forming of the Burdekin Delta Sugar Company.

The first race meeting conducted by the Burdekin Race Club was in held 1866. In Australia’s pioneering days a good horse was of great value, and it followed that one of the more popular forms of sport and recreation was horse racing. The owners even today are immensely proud of any success they win in the Burdekin Cup /Growers Day events.

Betting on Australia’s Races

Horse racing is a centuries old sport, beginning when the horse was first domesticated. As soon as people decided to pit the strength and speed of their animals against each other, the secondary sport of betting on the winner was established. Gambling on horses is today one of Australia’s favourite pastimes, and has become a huge international industry, which is growing enormously in every country in the world.

The reputable online betting sites are today ready to assist punters with the essential information that they need to place a successful winning wager. The punter will need to follow the races diligently in order to be aware of the form of he participating horses, the condition of the track being used, and also which jockeys will be riding which horse in the race. The different odds offered by each sports book site can also be scrutinised and checked on.

The present sports sites that the punter can use all make sure that the punter will operate in a safe and secure environment. They will ensure that the depositing of funds and withdrawing of any winnings is done in a protected manner. This will enable the punter to enjoy the wagering on races such as the Burdekin Cup/Growers Day race.